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Our most popular service to consumers is residential closings.
We perform closings for buyers of residential real estate anywhere in New Jersey. We also perform closings for the refinancing of residential properties We are called a "Closing Agent." In New Jersey, a title agency or an attorney can be a Closing Agent.

As our customers' Closing Agent, we protect the buyers' interest

We arrange all of the documentation which is needed to transfer ownership from one owner to the next, so that the buyers can take title (That means "become the new owners.") without the risk of fraud or undisclosed claims. Our highly-trained, experienced real estate paralegals, who are trained in dealing with the intricacies of real estate closings, methodically attend to every detail under the supervision of a licensed, on-staff, attorney.

We examine every relevant particular of the Sellers' Title to prevent fraud
As Closing Agent, we protect the buyers' interest. We perform an extensive search of all public records that affect the property, followed by a careful evaluation of the documents by which the seller "took title" to the property.

Commitment for Title Insurance
If the sellers' ownership appears to be genuine and in proper order, we issue a Commitment for Title Insurance, in preparation for the closing. The Commitment includes a very detailed report about the title, some history about the property's past ownership, and a detailed list of any liens that the seller must clear to make the title insurable to the new owners.

We protect the Buyers' Funds

As Closing Agent, we are responsible for the safety of our customers' money. We use our insured Trust Account to make sure no money is paid out until we know that every detail has been properly addressed. To do this, we collect, from our customers (the buyers) the money that they will need to pay for the property and for closing costs. All checks that we accept, must be certified. This permits the money to be immediately available to pay for the property. The mortgage lender's money will also be entrusted to our Trust Account, usually right before the closing. Before we issue any checks from our Trust Account, all closing documents must be signed and notarized, and any documents brought to the closing must be expertly examined for accuracy and authenticity. All of the mortgage lender's requirements must be met and the instructions on our Commitment for Title Insurance (liens to be cleared by the sellers) must be satisfied.

We protect the buyers' interest
We don't go to closing until we are able to make it safe for the buyer to close. The Commitment for Title Insurance, which we issue to our customer, contains our specific promise to insure the title after the closing has taken place. The specifics that will appear in the Title Insurance Policy, are detailed in the Commitment. The Title Insurance Policy which we issue following the closing will give our customers peace-of-mind for as long they own the property. The cost for the policy is paid, one time only, as part of the buyers' closing costs. There are no premiums to pay thereafter. The policy remains in force until the new owners transfer title sometime in the future.

We make all arrangements of the closing

We also coordinate everyone who will be involved in the closing. Even those who won't be attending.
For instance:

  • We schedule the closing, based upon the preference of our customers.

  • We arrange with the buyers' Realtor so that the closing can be performed, conveniently, in the Realtor's office.

  • We arrange with the sellers, to be at the Realtor's office, at the appointed time.

  • We arrange with the mortgage lender for the mortgage documents to arrive in time so that we will be able to review them before closing.

  • We arrange with the mortgage lender for the mortgage funds to be deposited into our trust account right before the closing.

  • We arrange with the sellers and the seller's Realtor to bring a current fire inspection certificate and certificate of occupancy if required by the town to the closing.

When should you call us?

Right after you submit your offer to purchase
, and before the sellers have accepted your offer. It takes only one simple call to (800) - CLOSING, from anywhere in the U.S. We will protect your interest, and we will give you the help and guidance you need. Our job starts when your transaction starts.

Our buyers always have access to our Network of experienced real estate attorneys!

DIRECT TITLE customers always have the choice to consult with one of our Network attorneys. Each is a member of the New Jersey bar and is knowledgeable and experienced in real estate law. You may elect to have a Network attorney review your purchase agreement, and, perhaps, to intervene, in other negotiations. Electing to use a Network attorney can be done at ANY TIME during your transaction even right in the middle. For instance, a Network Attorney can be helpful in negotiating repairs disclosed during a home inspection.

Our Closings are "Neighborly"

Your property purchase should be a pleasant and exciting experience. Teamwork, Cooperation and Communication are essential to a smooth closing. Direct works closely with each customer's Realtors and mortgage lender. We also work closely with attorneys who may be representing sellers of properties being acquired by our customers.

We can arrange the seller's documentation, if we are serving the Buyers as Closing Agent
Direct can arrange for the sellers' closing documents to be prepared, at a very small cost, by a Direct Network attorney. This service is available when DIRECT TITLE is the Closing Agent for the Buyers in the same transaction.

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