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Teams that workEvery part of our service is client-focused.  We established our unique Client Team Program to ensure that we deliver exemplary and prompt service to our clients, at all times  – regardless of their level of title experience or knowledge.   


In addition to delivering fast and outstanding title services, Direct Title client teams are particularly effective at responding to clients’  requests for personalized attention.   For your convenience, we arrange for property surveys and specialized searches, and provide instantaneous response to requests for special endorsements. Our low, state-regulated rates help you to control costs.


Direct Title provides solutions.  We are always ready to smooth the way for you and for your transaction.  Whether the issue is complex or routine, our experienced client teams, and our underwriters’ specialized title attorneys have the unique experience and training to give you results. 


We make it our business to know our clients and their transactions.  Direct Title listens.  We can assist you whether this will be your first transaction, or whether you are an experienced real estate professional.


Our people.  We understand that extraordinary service begins with highly motivated professionals.  Since 1979, our goal has been to attract the most talented title professionals and to make Direct Title  one of the finest places to work.  Our staff enjoys assisting our clients, and every day, they elevate our client service to new heights.  


Direct Title  - Clients’ Bill of Rights

  • I promise to give prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable answers to all your questions and concerns.

  • I promise to get it right the first time.

  • I want to serve you better.

  • I will take the time to listen and make sure that I understand, because there are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

  • I will not assume the reason as to why you are calling. Something may have changed since I last spoke with you.

  • I will provide efficient, friendly service, with individual attention to every transaction.  I will treat every call as the most    important thing to me right now.

  • My pledge to our clients is to react and rspond to their needs as fast as possible.

  • I will always show sincere appreciation to each individual for their trust in handling their transaction.

  • I will always treat each of our clients and speak to him or her as thought he or she were my direct supervisor.

  • I will consider every transaction as important as if it belonged to my own family member.

  • I pledge to be proactive and not reactive.

  • I will treat each client with the same courtesy and respect that I would expect to receive myself.

  • I promise to be more aggressive the progression of your transaction.

  • If I do not know the answer to a client's question or concern, I will say, I will find out the answer or solution, not "I don't know."


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